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07-07-2007, 11:29 PM
Well, being inspired by Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc, I often go in the woods (which is VERY exotic) behind our house and have very stupid adventures (often dressed as Indy).

I've decided to list my adventures here and keep a journal, as it were, of them.


Chapter 1

Ok, this one was one of my first adventures. I was... say... 10 years old at the time (or younger). I dressed as Indy even back then. I even had a bullwhip and machete. (Not yet aquired the fedora or leather jacket). After a hurricane a LOT of big trees were knocked down in our woods and the roots were left sticking up and under the fallen down ones it often left dirt caves. I travelled in them often. One day these two rotwielers chased me and I went up a fallen down tree and one climbed up and I was pushed down. I fell down the roots (which stuck up). The other went around to bite me and I took out my machete and then began climbing up the back of the roots upwards. I had to fight off one of the dogs, but didn't really get a good swing. I got to the top and took out my trusty bullwhip (yes, I have one) and I latched on to a small tree branch and pulled it over to me. I grabbed the tree branch and swung to a bigger one. I stayed on the bigger one and got the whip back. I then took out my BB pistol and shot the dogs until they left. They finally did and I went back home... :whip: :gun:

07-13-2007, 06:16 PM
Adventure is behind every corner (garden, house, street...). It doesn't have to be hunted all over the globe. Just keep your eyes and mind open. Nice story :) Looking forward for another :up:


07-14-2007, 12:32 PM

I've learned that what you've stated is in fact true.

I've been stuck in quicksand all the way to my weight, I've been stuck in the middle of a swamp at night time with no way of getting out but swimming (it appeared) with snakes infesting the waters and standing on a sinking log. I've been chased by dogs. I've run into a bear, I've been chased by a dear. I've discoverd a lot of valuables in the woods and more! :whip:

I've been having these adventures for years (since I was 10. I'm 16 now). The adventerous spirit of the woods has been sucked away because I have nowhere new to go. I'm thinking of traveling the world when I'm older.:whip:

(I'll update my journal soon)