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kiler 01-31-2008 01:45 AM

Indy Fan novel question
First of all, this is my first post here so greetings to all Raven members :hat:

Now time for my question: I don`t know if any of you remember one novel which was in Fan Fiction Archive on I don`t remember the title but it was about searching for the crew of confederate ship CSS Alabama (I`m not sure if the name is right). Action took place in many locations, but now I recall only the US South. I`ve read it some time ago and I remember that it was really good, but never finished. Now I wanted to read it again but I couldn`t find it. Does any one of you remember the title and where to find it now ?

monkey 02-15-2008 10:00 PM

Hey Kiler,
Wow! I think you might actually be referring to my aborted novel. "Indiana Jones and the Secret of Nan Madol". Maybe not, but it sure sounds like it. I didn't think anyone remembered that.

Once again Wow!

The ship was the CSS Shenandoah, and it was a very obscure but interesting historical anomaly. The only Confederate ship to enter the Pacific ocean.

It actually made a visit to the Island of Pohnpei in Micronesia in the year 1865. Pohnpei is the site of some very interesting and mysterious archaeological ruins.

I tried to tie it all up in an interesting story involving Indiana Jones, with Japanese villains instead of the usual Nazis (though there were Nazis in the story too).

Anyway, I never finished it. It still sits on my shelf. I keep telling myself I will finish it.

It was actually my second attempt at an Indy novel.

My first was a real abortion. It had Indy traveling up the Congo river in a canoe being attacked by alligators.........believe me, you don't want to read that. ....pretty bad.

My third attempt (third time's a charm) was a bit more successful. You may have seen it here on theraider, and a couple of other sites. "Indiana Jones and the Gypsy's Kiss". It's not a bad story..........but not too good either.

I'm actually moving this year. Maybe some new surroundings will inspire me to finish "Indiana Jones and the Secret of Nan Madol".

But if this is the story you are referring to, then, thanks for remembering it. It gives me some real inspiration.

kiler 02-16-2008 06:42 AM

Hi Monkey

Yup, we are talking about your novel for sure :D I think I`ve read it 4 years ago but I still remeber it as the best thing I read in Fan fiction archive on "Gypsy`s kiss" was also good, but "Indiana Jones and the Secret of Nan Madol" was a real masterpiece :up: . I really really hope you`ll finish it because it deserves it for sure.

As I wrote earlier, some time ago I wanted to read it again, but unfortunately it is no longer on :( Is it possible to get the part you`ve already written ?

Once again congratulations on a really great work :up:

Canyon 02-16-2008 07:16 AM

Kiler, I agree with everything you have said. :up:

Nan Madol was indeed a masterpiece and is probably the best Indy fan fiction I've ever read. :hat: Monkey, I've been meaning to ask if you could send me Nan Madol. :D

And Monkey, are you kidding about Gypsy's Kiss? That story was magnificent! :up:

hemble 02-17-2008 02:52 AM

Can you still read this fanfic novel, it sounds like a really good read.


monkey 02-17-2008 11:22 PM

I just pulled this one down off my shelf and scanned through it. It's not as bad as I thought it was. In fact it's actually kind of good.

I'm going to try to finish it. Then I'll post it.

Might be a few months, but I'll try to get it done.

kiler 01-14-2009 01:30 PM

Almost a year passed since my last post, but I know that writing a story is tough thing and requires a lot of time, so finishing "Nan Madol" can take even a few years. That is why I`d like to ask if you could send me at least the part of "Nan Madol" you`ve already written and which was earlier on fan section. I`d be very, very grateful if you could do so. Is it possible ?

monkey 01-15-2009 06:07 AM


Thank you very much for your continued interest in my Nan Madol story.

I must apologize greatly. This has been a tremendously eventful year for me. I not only changed jobs, I also changed hemispheres, and countries. I have been extremely busy and have only now found time to take care of things.

I am ashamed to say that, even after promising to try, I have not done a thing with Nan Madol this year.

I am so very grateful at your and others' interest in my novel.

Because of your post here today, which I appreciate more than you may know, I have vowed to myself, and to you and others, that I will either finish this novel, or I will send it along to you as is.

One problem is that I only have this incomplete novel on two media: I have it on hard copy paper, and I have it on a floppy drive. Unfortunately my "A" drive on my computer broke. So there might be a delay in getting this out.

But once again, thank you very much for your interest. I've sat on this thing long enough. I think either I should finish it, or maybe someone more energetic than myself should finish it for me.

Stand by Killer.

And Thank You

kiler 01-17-2009 04:26 AM

Thanks for your reply Monkey.

Of course I understand the circumstances that didn`t allow you to finish this great novel, but I still hope you do and I keep my fingers crossed for it ;) .

monkey 01-30-2009 09:24 AM

Hey Kiler,

And anyone else who is interested.

I have not yet fixed my (antique) A-Drive. As soon as I do, I will put my unfinished novel again on this site. Then, I hopefully will be able to finish it.

It's a struggle right now.

Thanks for your patience. And your support.

monkey 02-08-2009 07:35 AM

Still working on it.



kiler 09-19-2018 09:19 AM

Wow, almost ten years passed and by chance I recalled the whole thing when looking again at fan fiction site.

Anyway, any chance for that novel of yours Monkey?

Canyon 09-20-2018 11:09 AM

Hi there. I am still in touch with Monkey and he finished the novel some months ago under the new title The Sunken Continent.

You can find the novel here on Fan along with his other story, Gypsy's Kiss. :D

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