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T.E.Lawrence 11-05-2017 03:22 PM

Interview with Rick McCallum about Young Indy Production
A Must Have interview.

Rick McCallum speaks to Radio Prague about Young Indy production.

Audio Link:

Best wishes.

Moedred 11-29-2017 06:16 PM

A Dickensian meeting with the future Prime Minister...

One funny thing when we were shooting Indy, happened in 1990 when I was at a little smoky café where you could get beer and sausages near the Castle. I was there with the art director and there was this guy who overheard us and he spoke English fairly well and asked us what we were working on. So we told him it is about Young Indy he said that he really like Indiana Jones. And it was Václav Havel!

“You know those cards those beer coasters you put your beer on? He took out a pen and wrote his name and number and said ‘If you ever have any problems, call my office and I will help if I can. Then he got up and thanked us for choosing the Czech Republic. That was the kind of support we got. And I never had to make that call. Over the five years we shot at hundreds of locations. And we never had a problem.

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