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Pale Horse 10-22-2003 08:37 AM

Here it is: A New Thread, completely unlike any we have seen in some time, that will help diseeminate just exactally what the owners of this bar want.

It's very simple really, you're a fan, what have you learned about life (from the Indiana films) that is useful.

There are a few examples here for you all to follow.

Heres what I learned:

1. You don't have to hit first, but you have to hit hard.
2. Stealing from dead guys, doesn't get you very much.
3. A good kiss can make everything better, or worse.
4. The first word you learned in an archeology class was patience, ya' dig?
5. Pray, even if you have no faith.

This is but a few, now the rest is up to you...

Shipwreck 10-22-2003 08:59 AM

6. That there is more than the routine tour available for Venice.
7. Fedoras can be worn during any occassion.
8. Never trust people speaking in shlip.
9. Whips worn on your hip are never noticed by the public.

Webley 10-22-2003 01:26 PM

14) Its cool to have a sidekick.

LASTCRUSADER 10-22-2003 01:39 PM

15)Its usefull to speak more then one language.

Webley 10-22-2003 01:48 PM

16) It's ok to ask your dad for help.

Webley 10-22-2003 01:52 PM

17) If your going to learn to fly you should probably laern to land.

Lightning 10-22-2003 02:10 PM

18) Never jump off a ledge onto your horse unless you know your horse is going to be there when you land.
19) Don't hand your recently fired pistol to someone who knows nothing about guns.

Webley 10-22-2003 02:14 PM

20) There is ALWAYS a way out.

TheOldBum 10-22-2003 02:30 PM

21) Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. (Shoot the swordsman).
22) Little details can say a lot (shadows on a zepplin, dead monkeys, etc.)
23) Even if you're in a desert or a jungle, leather is cool.
24) Sometimes, the only people you can trust are your family and your closest friends.
25) People with the most boring jobs can still have some fun when off-duty.
26) Even the greatest hero ever can get the **** kicked out of him by somebody bigger and stronger. It's that he keeps going that makes him great.
26) When nothing but an act of God can save you, it sometimes does.
27) Even the coolest of us have a nerdy side.
28) Even the plainest, ugliest things are sometimes the most divine.
29) Sometimes, when you just sit down and think, the solution does present itself.

Webley 10-22-2003 02:33 PM

30) Even the nerdiest of us have a cool side.

Indygirl21 10-22-2003 05:06 PM

31) Riding into the sunset doesn't always mean THE END
(Yay Indy4!!!)

This is an awesome thread by the way, apalehorse

Pale Horse 10-25-2003 01:33 PM

32) learning more then one language can often bring you hidden treasures

westford 10-25-2003 02:28 PM

33) If you're going to shoot someone, make sure you've got your gun...

Pale Horse 10-29-2003 10:01 PM

34) When asking for water, be ready if you suddenly need to swim.

Pale Horse 12-11-2003 02:39 PM

35) Most arguments, whether right or wrong can be solved if one party removes their hat, willingly concedes by simply saying, "If I have offended you, than I am sorry" and prudently moves on to dinner.

Venture 12-11-2003 10:39 PM

37) It's all in the swagger.

thefumegator 12-18-2003 01:24 PM

Choose your friends wisely -- Barranca and Satipo are examples of who NOT to choose.

True friends are there for you when you need them. Like Sallah.

The answer to the Revolver vs. Automatic debate: take both! (reference: Raiders of the Lost Ark, specifically, the Raven barfight) Don't forget a couple of reloads!

Only one thing matters: your goal. Not your hairdo or your new leather jacket, or the fact that your nose may be bleeding. Just get the job done.

Great thread!

Ben Friend of Indy 12-18-2003 08:11 PM

42) Chances are you'll live longer if you listen to an Oriental kid who wears a Yankees cap--or at least things will go MUCH smoother.

Pale Horse 12-18-2003 11:33 PM

43) True love can only be realized if you close your eyes. rotla ;)

Canyon 12-19-2003 06:04 AM

44) Umbrellas are good things to have, especially when you run out of ammo.

45) Bear in mind you can be spotted even if you think you're well out of range.

46) Your gun may hold six bullets, but your fists never run out of ammo.

Webley 12-19-2003 06:18 PM


Originally posted by Canyon
46) Your gun may hold six bullets, but your fists never run out of ammo.
I love this one,

Venture 12-21-2003 12:35 PM


Originally posted by apalehorse
43) True love can only be realized if you close your eyes. rotla ;)

If I've read this correctly, Thanatos, truer words were never spoken.

Pilot 12-22-2003 07:44 AM

47) Trouble always happens in a bar.
48) Even a guy in boots and a leather jacket can outrun a gang of murderous Hovitos.
49) Bring enough ammo.
50) It is better to bring a gun to a sword fight than a sword.
51) Avoid Thug temples.

00Kevin 12-22-2003 07:47 AM

52) If your girlfriend Dies....hit the bottle ;)
53) If you die....well, don't die

Pale Horse 12-31-2003 12:38 AM

54) Women's breasts can always be compared to stone...

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