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fudgetusk 08-14-2017 08:36 AM

Have I Found The Philosopher's Stone?

I found the stone twenty years ago in a small wood on the north banks of the Humber river(uk) near the Humber bridge. Me and a friend went there to find stones with pictures on them to look at. Only I found one. There were no other stones like this. It seemed odd when I found the stone because I just seemed to happen upon it straight away. It was protruding from the mud as if someone had just pushed it in there recently. It felt too easy. Like I was being guided to find it.

I puzzled over the stone for years. Then the Harry Potter films came out. The first film dealt with the Philosopher's Stone. I noticed that my stone was the same size and shape as the stone in the film at a certain angle. I began to research the philosopher's stone and alchemy. I learned that the alchemical process has four colours. Black, white, yellow and red. all the colours of my stone. If you look at the knife shaped side of the stone you will see all these colours. But they are in the wrong order for the alchemical process. Still haven't figured out why. There is a natural mark on the stone that looks like the letters GM. They had puzzled me for years. Recently I thought to change those numbers into letters. They came out as 7 and 13. I knew what this mean. In The Harry Potter film the philosopher's stone is kept in a bank vault. Number 713. Confirmation?

I recently learned that the philosopher's stone is connected to the holy grail. In Sumerian the word for alchemy is GRA.AL.

I read of Wolfram Von Eschenbach's PARZIFAL. The grail or gral in that is a stone which has lead some to believe it is both the grail and the philosopher's stone. In Parzifal the stone is a garnet hyacinth which is a reddish orange colour. Similar to the colours of my stone.

JK Rowling the creator of Harry Potter seems to know of Eschenbach's stone. Albus Dumbeldore's middle names are Wulfric(Wolfram?) and Percival(parzifal?) His first name Albus suggests the colour white,one of the stages of the alchemical process(albedo). She also has other names suggestive of this. Sirius BLACK(Nigredo) and Rubeus Hagrid(rubido).

I have more to say about the stone but this is enough to be going on with. Download the images of the stone and turn the image. You may see things.

TheFedora 08-14-2017 11:42 AM

Have you taken this stone to a geologist? At least thats what I would do.

Pale Horse 08-14-2017 06:23 PM

Normally, I'd...but I'm much to curious at this point to do so.

fudgetusk 08-15-2017 05:46 AM

Here is a close up of the eye of the stone.

I swear I looked for an eye in that grey area for years and then one day it was there! Like it had just appeared. It has a white surround a black pupil and even a couple of dots of light in the pupil. You can also see the letters GM above the eye. Upside down they are WS. If you turn them into numbers you get 23 and 19. Add them together and you get...42. I have a theory that the number 42(the meaning of life) equals death. Funnily I had written a thread on a forum about that very subject BEFORE I realised that WS equals 42.

According to Wolfram Von Eschenbach in PARZIFAL the guardian of the grail/philosopher's stone was Anfortas. My surname is Altass.

Before I found the stone I had a dream about an image in the stone. I also painted a picture before I found the stone which matched the knife side of the stone. Look. I have superimposed the knife onto it. Notice how the colours match.

This image reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter when Quirrel/Voldemort stand before the mirror looking for the philosopher's stone. In my picture the right hand is a red blob. The stone in the film was red.

I found the stone around twenty years ago(not sure exactly when) on the north bank of the humber in a town called Hessle close to Kingston upon Hull, where I live. The stone has a natural base. Here it is sitting on my hand.

A couple of years later they built a submarium called THE DEEP on the north bank of the Humber in Hull a few miles from where I found the stone. Here is a picture.

As you can see it looks almost the same shape as my stone. The Deep was designed to look like a crystal emerging from the earth according to the designer. A stone. The Deep is basically a lot of fish tanks. What have fish got to do with a stone? When I found the stone one of the first images I saw in it was a shark. They have sharks at The Deep.
The Deep was built on a site where there used to be a citadel and where they had a prison(a couple of hundred years ago). A place of torment. No doubt torture happened there.

Here is a picture of the other side of the stone. Next to it is a statue of Neptune which sits a short walk from The Deep. Notice the similarities? Look at the regions of smooth and rough surfaces. They match.

I have no idea how old the statue is or what neptune or the deep has to do with the idea of the philosopher's stone. But then this is not just the philosopher's stone. It is a mixture of things.

fudgetusk 08-15-2017 05:47 AM

Here's where things get dark. Does the stone have any power? In 2009 I began to write about the stone for an internet forum. I wrote about how it looked like the deep submarium. I was writing until around one in the morning. Next day I found out that someone had been murdered near The Deep. His name was Simon Ash. Ash? suggestive of the process of alchemy? They caught the killers. He had been killed around the time I was writing my article on the stone and The Deep. After finishing the article I recalled looking down at my shoes and the thought "I need to buy new shoes." popped into my head. And I laughed. Which is odd for two reasons. I didn't need to buy new shoes and I had no idea why I was laughing. Turns out Simon Ash was found without shoes on. The killers had taken off his NEW shoes and tried them on. When they didn't fit they had tossed them.
I was shocked. Weird stuff like this had been happening to me before but not this evil.

For some reason I KNEW that one of the killers would have my name. One of them did it turned out.

A week later I became interested in a pub in Hull called The Master's Bar. It had a nautical theme to its sign. The building has cartouche mouldings on it. I went to the library to research them. Turns out they are egyptian magic.
Later that day a man was murdered after coming out of that pub. His name was Wilihedo Patriminios. He just happened to be living on a street where I used to live. They caught the killer, a friend who had punched him during an argument.

Twice now I had been concentrating on a place and a murder had occured.
Some time later I happened to become interested in anothe Hull pub. The Old White Hart(a male deer). I went to the library to research the symbology of deer. Just so happens that at the very time I was doing so a baby deer was being rescued from the river Hull. Just a short walk away from the pub and a short walk from The Deep.

Later that night a man was murdered by a mob as he was coming out of pub called The Reindeer. His name was David Jones. David Jones? What does that look like? Davey Jones? As in Davey Jones' Locker? a term for the sea. The Deep.

That's when I recalled a dream I had had a year before. I had dreamt about the first and last killings. But I had dreamt about the death of David Jones being killed at the location of Simon Ash. Which was clever of my dreaming mind.

Other stuff happened like this and continues to. I could fill a book with the stuff that has happened.
Is it down to the stone? I don't know. Sometimes I think I should just smash the stone to bits.

fudgetusk 08-15-2017 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by TheFedora
Have you taken this stone to a geologist? At least thats what I would do.

The stone was found on the location of an ancient chalk quarry. But it is not chalk. It is some kind of limestone with flint in it. But more than that. It is very odd. I have not seen a stone like it. I don't know any geologists to take it to.

TheFedora 08-15-2017 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by fudgetusk
The stone was found on the location of an ancient chalk quarry. But it is not chalk. It is some kind of limestone with flint in it. But more than that. It is very odd. I have not seen a stone like it. I don't know any geologists to take it to.

I was going to say maybe try and see if a university near you has a geology department? Thats what I would do if I didnt have a local museum to try to ask. But yeah, I dont know what to say about the other stuff you said, it could be a coincidence, stranger things have happened.

fudgetusk 08-17-2017 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by TheFedora
I was going to say maybe try and see if a university near you has a geology department? Thats what I would do if I didnt have a local museum to try to ask. But yeah, I dont know what to say about the other stuff you said, it could be a coincidence, stranger things have happened.

yeah but these 'coincidences' have been happening for years now. I could fill a book with them. And there's a theme to them. I can't imagine why I should be experiencing so much coincidence. Most people would have a few stories about weird coincidence. I have dozens.

Here's another. One of the first things I noticed about the stone was that when you turn the stone onto the knife side the stone looks like a shoe. A couple of years after noticing this I read something in the local paper. A man and a child had been walking on the south bank of the Humber, right opposite where I found the stone, and spotted a SWAN by the water. They went to look and found a shoe. On closer inspection they found a foot in the shoe. I was taken to the place where I found the stone by a man called SWAN.

What this means I do not know. I think these events and the stone have been engineered to show me the true nature of reality. I think I am seeing God's power on earth. Which is surely what the grail and the philosopher's stone(and other magical items) represent. That is why Jesus is connected to the grail. He is God on earth. Supposedly.

Something I forgot to mention about Harry Potter. He is also Freddy Krueger...

The name Krueger means Potter.

Krüger, Kruger or Krueger (without the Umlaut Ü) are Jewish-German surnames originating from Krüger, meaning tavern-keeper in Low Saxon or potter in High German.

There are similarities in their name. Both Christian names end in y and have double letters in them. Both surnames end in ER.The name Freddy or Frederick means 'peaceful ruler'. The name Harry means 'house ruler'.

Both are associated with the colours red and yellow. Potter's house colours are red and yellow and Freddy's jumper in the original script was red and yellow(changed for the movie).

They both have scars.
They both wear hats. Potter wears a witch style hat in the books, omitted in the films.

Harry wears specs. In the opening scene to ELM ST we see Freddy making his fingerknives and on a table we clearly see a pair of spectacles.
They both do magic.
They both survived death.
They are both orphans and are fostered by abusive people.

In ELM ST Freddy is listed as simply Fred Krueger. Which has eleven letters. Harry Potter has eleven letters.
Harry Potter adds up to 8, a Venus number. The initials of Freddy Krueger add up to 8.
They both become invisible during their respective films/books.

I think the meaning of the names are significant. We have the word 'ruler' and 'potter'. This could be a reference to the holy grail. Ruler= King= King fisher or King of the Jews. Potter+ maker of vessels. A vessel.

I looked up references to the grail and clay and some experts believe Christ's cup would have been a clay cup. They used a clay cup in INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE. What this has to do with the stone I do not know. Maybe the stone was manufactured. I showed it to someone and he thought so. It seems too perfect.

fudgetusk 08-21-2017 07:54 AM

It has occurred to me that my stone bears a knife...or is it a sword? AS in the sword from the stone? Hmm. Looks like I need to decipher the clues and become the king of England...which is nice.

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