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Indyfan28 07-18-2005 06:14 PM

Adventure Club Handbook
Hey, how would you guys feel about an adventure club handbook ( I'm working on one. This will be the place that I'll tell you about handbook updates. :)

Grimdiana Bones 07-18-2005 10:29 PM

What are your planned contents for the handbook?

intergamer 07-19-2005 07:39 AM

the whole idea of an adventure club seems kid of silly since people will spread across the world and will never meet up for a meeting..

Start a local club

Indyfan28 07-19-2005 08:27 AM

Well, I was thinking it would be like a Boy Scout training book (uhh) but with Indy content instead of Boy scout stuff like what gear to wear, how to crack a whip, and some outdoors stuff like how to trap and fish or build shelters. I already started last night (3 1/2 pages and counting) and I'm planning to launch an official store (only for the book and some other noveltys like t-shirts) at CafePress. :whip: :(

intergamer 07-19-2005 03:03 PM

Can i post my stories about how to sneak into conventions and get free dinners? Or how to call up companies and make them send you free stuff? All very useful.

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