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ChamberCheck 10-10-2018 04:54 PM

Infernal Machine Arachnophobes' mod?
Hi all,

Severe arachnophobe here, and it was actually this game that gave me my arachnophobia. One of those spiders in the Tian Shan candle room came down RIGHT in front of the camera once. Haven't been able to stomach those things in video games since. LOVE this game, though, minus the spiders.

Anyone know how to mod them out? I'd be willing to pay for someone to do this (within reason). I love this game, but could never enjoy it to its fullest due to the above issue.


Agustin47 10-11-2018 06:08 PM

Use Notepad ++ over .Cog
Game codes are modified, which are .Cog files

I looked at a lot of the codes, but I have not found the one that gives the positions of objects or characters on the map.

the one who can know is the user @Markuk

I'm trying to improve the textures, to make an HD version of the game. But if Marduk has not connected, he will not answer where he should place the modified textures so that the game recognizes them.

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