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Crack that whip 12-04-2008 03:38 PM

YIJC: The most quotable Indy movi- er, something. What's your favorite?
Well, since we've got these going for each of the movies and all, it's high time we got one here for the show, too, right?


"Henry, we're not at the zoo."

Stoo 12-04-2008 05:42 PM

If memory serves, there may already be a thread about Young Indy quotes but I'm not going to bother checking...:p
There are bucketloads of great ones throughout all of the episodes. Some of my favourites from "Phantom Train":

To Selous in the car, while hanging onto the balloon for dear life:

The balloon sinking in front of the advancing Germans:
Remy: We are too heavy! We must lose some weight!
Von Lettow (smugly): I suggest diet and exercise.

Perhaps the most nostalgic quote, for me, is from Mexico:
Indy: I'm definitely going to miss high school...

This came just before the 1st commercial break in the Flanery segment of the "Curse of the Jackal" premiere
so the line always reminds me of the cliff-hanger experience...waiting for the show to come back on!:eek:

Kaczor 12-05-2008 11:29 AM

Espionage Escapades:

Blind guy - Your name is Amadeus Schubelgruber.
Indy - Amadeus Schubelgruber!? Who makes up this things?
Blind guy (taking off sunglasses and looking on Indy) - I do!

Jeremiah Jones 12-05-2008 12:12 PM

And from the linking segments:
'Remember Junior! Back by Sunday!' As Indy leaves home for three years

how about

metalinvader 12-05-2008 10:28 PM

From 'Curse of the Jackal'

Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr.: I'd like to be an archaeologist.
T.E Lawrence: Maybe you'll add a new page to history. Or discover a treasure beyond price.
Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr.: And get rich!
T.E Lawrence: No, Henry. the archaeologists don't get rich. Archaeology doesn't steal from the past, it opens it. So that everyone may learn from it's treasures.

and this line from 'The winds of Change"

T.E. Lawrence: We gave the old men victory and they threw it away, we offered them a new world and they made the old one over again. Still, it might have been worse.

Only for Indy to speak that same line to his father and have it shot down.....

Nurhachi1991 12-05-2008 10:48 PM

"Now eat your tripe"

IAdventurer01 12-06-2008 02:16 AM

"We kidnapped my father!"

Jeremiah Jones 12-06-2008 04:02 AM

Metalinvader, I was gonna put that Lawrence line in, but its actually a quotation of Lawrence's from some source I'm sure...

Remy's Catchphrase: I hate it when that happens

or sean lemass's 'stay away from my sister! Or I'll give you a puck in the eye!!'

or from O Casey in the same episode 'to hell with it! And to HELL WITH WILLIAM BUTLER BLOODY YEATS!!!'

robweiner8 12-07-2008 08:11 PM

Mexico episode -- Indy: "Tengo que tomar el tren a New Jersey. Voy a perder clases!" (I have to take the train to New Jersey. I am going to miss classes)
Member of Villa's band, as they're about to shoot him: "Gringo, en unos minutos mas, vas a perder mucho mas que las clases" (In a few minutes, your going to loose a lot more than classes)
Kinda confusing, cus in Spanish the verb perder means to loose (in this case his life,) but its also used when saying "to miss classes" (perder clases)
And then, of course, there's Prague. Although the entire thing is quotable and hilarious, one of my favs is "With a little imagination, even bureaucracy can be interesting."
And, last but not least, Indy in MOTB. "Things can't always be the way you want um to be... But sometimes they are." ;)

Stoo 12-08-2008 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by Jeremiah Jones
how about

Where is this quote from?:confused: (Isn't this the owl in "Clash of the Titans"?)
All great quotes so far. I especially like the Schubelgruber line, too.:D

Another memorable one from "Prague":

From "Phantom Train":
Indy: The Germans sure take their toilet paper seriously.
Donald Parks: So do we.

Jeremiah Jones 12-08-2008 11:37 AM

I was just thinking of Incandesent with rage... BoBos the name of the monkey in Scandel of 1920.. isn;t.. Indy running off screaming his name seemed to be a rather funny reacurring strand, in a classic 'lets just add a monkey' comedy sorta way.

How about the 'these are yummy' cake scene in Espionage Escapades. Or that whole conversation with the war widow on the bus in Loves Sweet Song... Classicly Cringe Worthy stuff.

Kaczor 12-08-2008 12:54 PM

"Incandesent with rage" clip ;)

Attila the Professor 01-05-2009 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by Jeremiah Jones
How about the 'these are yummy' cake scene in Espionage Escapades.

I think that's "Adventures in the Secret Service," which I know mostly because I've seen that one and haven't seen Espionage Escapades (still haven't gotten past the VHS's and onto the DVDs).

Stoo 01-27-2009 03:57 PM

"You're a petty bureaucrat with a gun!" (Indy to French officer in Oganga)

P.S. Something Crack said in the Indy-is-a-Republican thread made me think of this line.

vf wing 02-03-2009 11:04 AM

Nancy Stratemeyer: "I could've figured out that Inca thing. Easy peasy!"

metalinvader 02-07-2009 09:56 AM

From Travels with Father...

Anna Jones: Your father will deal with you in the morning.
Indiana Jones: What's he gonna do?
Anna Jones: Have you shot in the morning. I will provide the blindfold.

vf wing 02-09-2009 12:00 PM

From Oganga:

Remy: "Do you enjoy chewing your food?"

Jeremiah Jones 02-09-2009 12:23 PM

From Phantom:

Can't remember the exact quote, must look back,but:

Remy: It wasn't attached to anything you idiot
Indy: Oh I'm the Idiot WHERE WERE YOU!


Remy: Disguises Dessquishes disguises Dessquisshes

Which I'll agree isn't a quote one can use much.

Indy: Walk up, I'm not gonna let it walk up

followed by

Indy: I'm only gonna say this one time... I'm sorry

For some reason I love in Attack of the Hawkmen when the camera zooms tight into Indys face, and he says with all the taut drama in the world
"I HATE mushrooms"

Or from Peacocks eye, the worst false names in Espionage History, which is pretty impressive considering his years as a spy

Indy: "I'm Henry..arima, and this is my friend Remalllldo..."

Stoo 02-10-2009 02:29 PM

Great quotes, guys! All of them (especially the mushroom one). Dang, I love this show...
Big Mac from "Phantom Train" has a lot of good ones. Some of my favourites from him:

to Selous:
"I'd mount that sucker on a flatcar and ride the rails like a hobo outta Hell."

to Indy:
"Sorry don't mean diddly, son! What if these things don't go BOOM when they're supposed to?
What are you going to tell them 2000 boys being SHOT TO PIECES ON THAT BEACH? "Sorry"?
When are you going to grow up? Dumb kids!

...and from "Peacock's Eye":

Remy: I feel rich. Indy, do I look rich?
Indy: I think you got sunstroke!

vf wing 02-11-2009 12:25 PM

From Love's Sweet Song

Recruiting Sergeant: "Not, uh, very many people forget their birthday, Monsieur... Defense. You're the worst liar I've ever met. Welcome to the Belgian army!"

metalinvader 02-11-2009 06:14 PM

Sheikh Kamal: I see that you are most intelligent. For a woman.
Edith Wharton: Thank you sir. I see that you are most courteous. For a man.

Ouch!:p :whip:

Stoo 02-13-2009 11:05 AM

From "Trenches of Hell":

Major: I'm not wasting a French Lieutenant on a bunch of Belgians!


Giscard: Think it's for stealing the Captain's cheese?
Moreau: No.
Giscard: Stealing the Major's wine?
Moreau: No.
Giscard: Trying to steal the Colonel's daughter?
Moreau: Maybe.

Stoo 03-02-2009 01:41 PM

From "British East Africa, September 1909"/"Passion for Life"

Ms. Helen Seymour: I fear Mr. Medlicot's boisterous nature is a bad influence on you, Henry.
Medlicot: Don't worry, Miss Seymour. I'll calm him down.
(Yeah, right...You're Eddie Tenpole!)

Heller: The next time you go into a museum and stare at a lion, you can think of me and my blood-stained hands.:dead:

AnnieJones 02-07-2010 08:12 PM

From the deleted "Congo" bookend.

Man in hospital:I'm sorry I ever met you.
Indiana Jones:I have that effect on people.:up:

Exulted Unicron 03-29-2010 04:14 PM

Its gotta be said for its reference:

Prince Sixtus: what an incredible new smell you've discovered!

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