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ireachmike 10-18-2017 03:01 AM

Need help.... looking for Temple Of Doom Jacket
Hi everyone!
I'm new to the forum, came across this helpful forum that has been a great source of Indy knowledge. Now I would like to ask for your help:

I have finally decided that I wanted a TOD jacket out of all the different variations. But it seems Wested is the only company that makes them, is that true? Has anyone have experience ordering a customs made jacket from Wested? Which measurements are required? For example, I can see the ToD shoulder drops low.... should I send them the measure of MY arms? Or of the arms of a similar jacket? Will they be able to figure out the correct sleeve size if I just give them my body measurements? Also, do they make them with a little extra room in the chest and stomach area? I don't know if I should send them my exact measurements or to padded them alittle?

Please any help or experience would be very much appreciated! Thank you so much!

Major West 10-18-2017 03:34 AM

Wested aren't the only people who make a ToD jacket, but they are the most affordable. Plenty of information in the which jacket do you own thread about measurements etc. Have a read of the last few pages of that.:up:

I will say the ToD jacket isn't the best choice if you're not average/slim build. Quite a tailored jacket, and screen accurate in that regard. If you're carrying a bit of extra weight around the stomach I would consider the Raiders or LC jackets instead.

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