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Found these notes on the net way back, and put them in what I believe is chronological order.
More Abner Ravenwood sightings!
Notes on Maps, Rubbings and Drawings:

Temple of the forbidden eye, Lost delta region, India. Discovered by Dr. Indiana
Jones Circa 1935 - Flood debris. It is theorized that the temple was buried in a
flood over 2000 years ago. Much of the temple, however, was built in underground

Letters and telegrams in notebook and inside and on wall beside Indy's office:

June 4, 1935
Greetings old friend. Here is the missing piece of the temple map! Fortune truly
shines on the pure of heart! (and he who has a brother-in-law in the black
market!) God go with you and I will join you as well.

August 10, 1935
Indiana Jones
Lost Delta Encampment,
So you have found the mysterious temple of the forbidden eye! Congratulations!
But please proceed with caution. Sources in Calcutta tell me this temple of
yours has a darker side. Legend has it that Pilgrims who were lured there with
promises of great gifts were never seen again!
Yours truly,
Abner Ravenwood

Eastern Union Telegram
VH 95 LD=IJ WASH 12 16P
1935 SEPTEMBER 4 PM 302
Professor Indiana Jones, Lost Delta, India
Indy, The samples you sent are warnings stones. Very Important you translate
before entering temple. Repeat--very important.
Abner Ravenwood

Professor Indiana Jones
Sept. 13, 1935
Lost Delta Encampment
Indiana, I concur with your findings.
Visitors were lured to the temple with the promises of gifts,
but once they looked into the eyes of the god they were doomed.
I believe you can gain access to the inner temple
if you avoid this trap!
Good Luck
Abner Ravenwood

Indianensis Universitatis Sigillium MDCCCXX
1401 Flower street, Laurence, Indiana
Oct. 1, 1935
Professor Indiana Jones,
Lost Delta Encampment, India
Marcus Brody informed us that you have located the temple. We are anxiously
awaiting reports. By the way, an old friend of yours-a Dr. Beloq-called and I
passed along your whereabouts to him. I believe he wants to join you at the
Best of Luck.
Regards-Professor Kauffman.

National Museum
Division of Antiquities
521 Rodier Street
Washington D.C.
October 12, 1935
Indiana Jones
Lost Delta Encampment
Dear Indy,
Received the rubbings yesterday. Pictographs tell of gifts -- eternal beauty,
riches, et cetera. But warning in the lower left was added at a much later
date. Something about eyes and death. I can't quite make it out. I'm still
working on it.
George Marshall
Division of Antiquities
National Museum

June 6, 1936
Lost Delta Encampment, India
Rotten luck Reports of "Temple of the Forbidden Eye" have hit the newspapers and
newsreels. It's shaping up to be the biggest thing since Santa Claus. Counting
on you to control the feeding frenzy until I return. Have deciphered a new map
that may lead to the power source of the temple. I intend to try. Watch out for
that snake Belloq!

Today I'm trying out the hidden passage we talked about. I'm convinced it leads
to the "Jewel of Power." I know you wanted to go with me but I need you out here
to keep the tourists in line. If one of them decides to go eyeball to eyeball
with the god, its adios amigo.

Mr Sallah
July 3, 1936
Temple Excavation Site
Lost Delta, India
My good man, We are sympathetic to Jones' "grave questions" about the safety of
the site. But we are not prepared to shut it down at this time - Carry on! You
are doing a smashing job getting the tourists through unharmed.
Regards, Col. Blumbard
Attache' to the Consul General
British Colonial Affairs

July 5, 1936
Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Excavation Office
Received your letter detailing Indy's disappearance inside the temple. I am
leaving at once. I suggest you keep the tours running. Perhaps one of them will
locate Indy.
Marcus Brody

Eastern Union Telegram
WDI 95 DL=IJ Glen 721
Lost delta Excavation Site, India
Learned of the news of Indy's disappearance. Study all references to the "gates
of doom." They seem to guard the "Jewel of Power" perhaps Indy made it past the
lethal force of that trap then he would have found the immense cavern where the
Jewel is stored.
Abner Ravenwood

July 12, 1935
Mr. Sallah,
Temple Excavation Site
Lost Delta
Greetings, good work cleaning out that infernal spike chamber!
Imagine! We had no idea some of them were poisoned!
Will send an antidote as soon as possible! In the meantime,
please make sure the tourists are not inconvenienced by this
Sir I. M. Wooly
British Colonial Affairs
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