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David Koepp talks Indy IV in Creative Screenwriting Magazine

I just saw the latest issue of Creative Screenwriting magazine with an interview with KOTCS screenwriter David Koepp. The article is not very spoiler and it doesn't have that much plot details but there are some nice tidbits:

-One of the reasons the Soviets were used as the villains of the movie was because according to Lucas' research Stalin was interested in the crystal skulls, much in the same way Hitler was in the Ark!

-Koepp thought the drafts that featured Marion worked better than the ones that didn't.

-Koepp created the character of Irina Spalko.

-When Harrison Ford read Koepp's draft he actually thought there should be more references to Indy's age put in!

-Koepp didn't create the character of Mutt but liked the idea of an inverse to the last movie with Indy being the older mentor instead of the sidekick.

-Koepp phoned up friend and ROTLA screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan for help on some of the love dialogue and he was able to just knock some off!

-Koepp didn't really put in that many references to the previous movies because it would make it seem like a "fanscript"!
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