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Originally Posted by Indy's brother
Seriously, Moedred...GREAT find. This one looks like a scene from an Indy flick by the way they set up the "shot":

Frickin' Awesome!!!
WOW! Great images and, yes, thanks for the link, Moedred! That is a super webpage.
For those who haven't seen "Bear Island", here's some vintage TV ads & a clip of the beginning.
They don't really show the best of Vic Armstrong's fanboat chase (there is a cool shot in #2)
but should give you an idea. He's the man for the job. Bring him back for Indy 5!

Bear Island 1980 TV Trailer #1
Bear Island 1980 TV Trailer #2
Bear Island (1979)

Originally Posted by Moedred
Of course the bars which prevent riders from leaning back into the propeller may have to go.
I'm seeing red on white.

This portion of a fan-made trailer for "Fate of Atlantis" trailer has always fired my imagination:

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