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Originally Posted by Lance Quazar
I think this is just another sign that, frustrating though it may be to hardcore fans, the Indy franchise as a whole just doesn't have legs.

Whether it's the Hasbro figures, or Tomb of the Gods, or a SoK novelization, the general public just doesn't seem terribly interested in ancillary Indy product of any kind.

The franchise isn't Star Wars, which is a one of a kind phenomenon, appealing to nearly every generation of kids.

It's also not like a superhero character like Batman that can be reinvented periodically to stay current and refresh people's interests.

Despite the commercial success of KOTCS, there's no arguing that the film received a mixed reception.

But even if the film was more beloved, I think the franchise still is very much a product of its time.

And that time, sadly, has passed.

Kids don't care, adult geeks have fond memories, but very little interest in keeping the franchise alive and current.

Who knows, maybe WAY down the line, someone will reinvent Indy a la the new "Star Trek" film. But until that day comes - if it comes at all - I think overall Indy interest from the general public has all but faded away.

This is just the latest sign. I really think there is almost no future to Indiana Jones. It's glory days are long gone.

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