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The movie opened during a world wide financial downturn, which we still have yet to recover from. The toys suffered from a combination of problems. From bad paint jobs to uninspired and stupid set peices. The economy kept me from picking up all that I wanted, and still want.

They just never had their heart in it.

How about these ideas?

Many action figure sport an array of different Guns, gunner stations machine guys even made the whip. Have you considered an Indiana Jones Nerf Blaster? Edison Giocattoli makes unbelievably beautiful cap guns and replicas that shoot soft rubber gummy bullets, how about a cap gun?!?

A Grail Knight Costume and a "singing sword" and shied with the writing on it would be cool too, I could use that to knock the Nerf darts out of the air instead of a light saber...a holster for the N-Strike would be cool too! While we're at it a shoulder holster...dual shoulder holsters!

Will I be able to get my own Kali Initiation Chalice with cool shrunken head top?

Crystal Skull night light?
Burning Heart night light?
Wall Mount Torch night light? With flickering or constant light settings.

Tonka makes some simple but cool remote control dump trucks with two speed settings and dumping action that retail around $20. Remote control Military Vehicles for Indy to commandeer and to crash through things in the sand box or a remote control Tank, (and the Jungle cutter), with sounds would be cool for the sand box/ beach/ living room!

Large and small scale. Radio Shack had a big hit with Zip Zaps which were a small size remote control, and Radio Shack aint Hasbro.

For the beach crowd...a Beach Bag shaped like an old over sized Army Gas Mask Bag with "archeology gear" inside: maybe collapsible shovel, brush, sifter, some kind of "tools" for shaping a sand castle, some molds for making ancient ruins or relics made of sand, flashlight to walk the beach at night...etc with pockets inside to hold each item, or not...

Military Style Sleeping Bags or Native Indian Type Blankets with a subtle Indiana Jones logo somewhere in a corner.

Here's an easy arts and crafts item...chalk and paper for rubbings.

I've seen the Arc Fighter, the Tie Advanced and Grevious' Wheel Bike, how about the Flying Wing !!!

I've seen the small scale titanium vehicles, how about the Adventure Heroes Indy and his dad on the motorcycle w sidecar?

Indy and Jock Adventure Heroes in the Air Pirates Pontoon Plane?
Adventure Heroes Indy and German Soldier Truck fight...collapsible window, could be recycled into the Russian Truck Fight, Jungle Cutter! Tank Fight
Adventure Heroes motorcycles, Mutt and Indy and Mutts Motorcycle, Germans and Motorcycles (like the star wars speeder bikes)
Last Crusade Circus Train Play set, with the exaggerated animals...etc
You've made the Ark Ghost...(COOL!) How about the Crystal Alien?

Indy and Mac in the Trunk of a Car or Indy in a Fridge Adventure Heroes, (joke).

More monkeys!

A Nerf Fertility Idol similar to a Nerf Football might make a cool new keep away type game " throw me the idol "

Shankara Stones that would make a whooshing whirling noise when in close proximity to one another would be a cool sort of Marco Polo type pool game.

An Indiana Jones yellow life raft inflatable pool float, and a bag to store it i that looks like a crate.

A toy box that opens into a play set, like the kind when we were kids, fold it up when you're done.

A slot car type racing game with mine carts...with expandable tracking and hazards that might knock you off the track, targets that could be triggered to knock characters out of the carts or eject them or the carts.

Evil Kenevil had an action figure on a stunt motorcycle with a rip cord that would power it...perfect for Mutt!

An inflatable Wille Bop Bag! THAT would sell! Crystal Skull Ice Cube Trays!
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