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Originally Posted by Darth Vile
I always found it odd that they included some stoke footage, which you'd think would be easy to replicate via CGI.
This is a very backwards way of thinking. As Harrison Ford once said: "Easy? Ya call that easy?"
Originally Posted by Crack that whip
If memory serves (and goodness knows it often doesn't, so don't take my word for it, but anyway...), the plane footage from the map montage when Indy and Marion are flying from Nepal to Egypt in Raiders of the Lost Ark is taken from a '50s Paramount movie (I don't know which, sorry - but I'm sure we can find out, if it's true... ).
Didn't know that but I wouldn't be surprised now that Rocket mentioned the Washington shot!
Originally Posted by Insomniac
It's either in Passage to China or Lost Horizon.
"Lost Horizon" is a strong possibility but "Passage to China"? Are you sure about that title, Insomniac? There is a "China Passage" movie but it's in black & white. Anyway, thanks for chiming in!
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon

Do I have to ask?
The I.D. on the "Wrong Man" poster is not 100% positive but it sure looks like very similar (and this would seemingly be the most logical place). What do you think?

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