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Originally Posted by AnnieJones
Believe it or not,I was going to buy these DVDs back in 2008,but I ended up using my money for The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVDs.I guess either way I would have been happy with the result.
I think you made the right choice. (Although, I'd love to see 1 or 2 episodes of that show for nostalgia's sake.)

There are some many moments in this chapter that evoke the "Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew" stories but, for me, the one that come closest is when they are in the barn at the poultry farm. I don't know why exactly but it just has that feel. Maybe it's because Nancy is doing all the brainwork while Indy is the bumbling sidekick.

Too bad scenes were cut from "Princeton" on the "Spring Break Adventure" VHS/DVD because now you don't hear Indy say, "I love you, Nancy Stratemeyer." at the very end before they go into the prom.
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