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Here's my take on Indy 6. Released in 2018, set in 1968. It gets weird.

A long-haired Mutt, estranged from his fiance, sits out reel 1 in a Middle Eastern hotel. Indy discovers he hooked up with a twentyish blond, which turns out to be Elsa, healed by the grail water decades earlier but not a day older. Eventually she reveals she's pregnant... but by Jones I, II or III?
Indy learns the Soviets have found the reflecting mirror from the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which according to legend could incinerate a ship 30 miles away on the horizon. While trying to remove it from a weaponized satellite, Indy is launched into orbit, and has to fight for the only seat on the reentry module. (Indiana Jones and the Star Wars!)
The final battle takes place at a Soviet circular particle accelerator. Crawling through a Jeffries tube, Indy and the MacGuffin tumble into an unknown wormhole and he's thought dead.
Present day, but moments later for Indy, a British Lord attending the site's decommissioning pulls Indy aside. He's another time traveler of sorts, Elsa's son, who secured his title with a genetic test of his royal blood. So his father was the Grail Knight. Mutt's family thrives but Marion's gone. Elsa's roughly Indy's age, and they settle in England.
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