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Originally Posted by Agent Crab
RC needs to grow up. It is time to put away childish things.
Grown men playing with toys.

Nobody needs to grow up. Even if RC was a 300-pound biker with prison tattoos all over him and he enjoyed Hannah Montana it would be his prerogative.

I certainly don't watch Disney Channel or cartoons geared for kids anymore. I still read Disney comics though, and even enjoy them quite a bit.

The catch? I don't talk or rave about my other interests or guilty pleasures in a place that has no relation to them.

What RC - no, everyone - needs to realize is that there is no preaching to an audience that doesn't wish to listen and go find one that does. And if one fails to realize it by themselves, the board upkeep will do it for them. The methods I won't cite, as they are obvious.
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