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The Indiana Jones of ______________!

There are all kinds out there, from the self proclaimed:

A Jewish charity co-founder who claimed he traveled the world as a "Jewish Indiana Jones" to rescue Torahs pleaded guilty to fraud. dilettantes:

Ron Wyatt, the “Indiana Jones” of the SDA Church investors

Jim Rogers isn’t your typical global investor. Not only has he taught at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and moderated television programs on two different networks, but he has also set three Guinness world records for a series of globe-spanning journeys in a custom Mercedes off-roadster, earning the moniker “The Indiana Jones of finance” from Time magazine.

What annointings and general misuse of the name Indiana Jones makes your blood curdle?

Which make you laugh?

Here's a fine one:

DJ Chris Menist: The Indiana Jones of Thai folk music
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