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Originally Posted by Nathan Lawrence
Itís easy to bag out Indiana Jonesí fourth cinematic outing, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, because, frankly, thereís plenty wrong with it. You donít have to look too far on the Infernal Google Machine to see ramblings, listicles, and video rants dedicated to this very topic.

As much as I used to revel in denying its existence, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isnít the Jar-Jar-Binks-filled, sand-everywhere, Han-Shot-first travesty thatís otherwise known as George Lucasí bad touch in the post-Original Trilogy world. So, in the spirit of defying Metacritic User Review logic where if something isnít a 10 it can only possibly be a 0, letís break down the pros of Indyís fourth cinematic outing.

Originally Posted by Nathan Lawrence
Part of that practical awesomeness was insisted upon by leading man Harrison Ford. He reportedly insisted on using his own whip, even though Paramount apparently wanted it to be CG. Itís kind of like how Hugh Jackman was allowed to use practical Wolverine claws originally, before poking a few too many stuntmen in the eyes. Ford, it seems, was a gun with his whip. He also performed most of his own stunts, despite his age (66 at the time). He even encouraged screenwriter David Koepp to include more jokes relating to Indyís age.

Full article: Sympathy for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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