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Two tiny tidbits:
  • A post over at Film Score Monthly sheds light on why the score to Curse of the Jackal was never (and may never) be released - apparently it was recorded with a union orchestra. I can't find the original thread, only this reference to it. Can anyone do better?
  • Laurence Rosenthal's official page is updated since I last checked, and now includes several sample clips, including many full tracks from Young Indiana Jones. Nothing that wasn't already released on the 4 OSTs, though:

Main Title (2:08 - full track)
Vienna 1908: Sophie’s Chamber (2:13)
British East Africa 1909: The Masai Elders (1:48 - full track)
Barcelona 1917: Boulevards of Barcelona (0:39)
Princeton 1916: Princeton Days (1:10)
Northern Italy 1918: The Wedding Dress (1:49 - full track; titled "The Bridal Gown" on the CD)
Ireland 1916: The Fight in the Bakery (1:53 - full track)
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