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Originally Posted by DirkPitt
Considering, that Disney is currently making a movie about a young Han Solo with Alden Ehrenreich in the main role, the argument that only one Han Solo exist, is not a very strong one...

And I really hope, that they won't kill Indy at the end. I would like similar ending to the one presented in the Last Crusade - riding into sunset is so perfect final scene, that it should be at the very end.

I have a feeling Indy 5 won't be the final Ford Indy film. I think Indy 6 will come out in 2021 for the 40th anniversary of the original film, giving us 2 Indy trilogies - one younger and one older. If Ford can play Indy at 77, he can play Indy at 79. The heavy rumor long before Indy 5 was announced was that Ford signed a contract with Disney for Star Wars 7 and 2 Indy films.
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