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Originally Posted by Face_Palm
Most of of Indy is hard to believe. The sound of fists hitting another person, Alien spacecraft, magic rocks, blood that possesses you, hearts getting pulled out while the person lives for minutes, rafting out of a plane, nuking the fridge, the list goes on and on. If believability is what you're looking for, this isn't the franchise for you.

One old man kicking ass is NOTHING for this franchise.

The fact, that there are some supernatural elements is not in the same category of unbelievability as the old man kicking ass. I can, without any problems, believe in the ancient mystery and the "magic" that comes with it - Sankara Stones, the power of the Grail, miracle of the Ark, Skull psychic powers...

But I find it very hard to believe, that an old man, no matter in how good shape he is, can do the truck chase, jump from horse to tank, swing on a whip or fist fight with bunch of guys. As long as I can visualize the main hero in the movie world, the supernatural stuff would be fine for me. But when the main character is in his late 70s, I just can't picture him as an action hero. Maybe Indy V will change this in my mind.

For example in the Expendables the age was not an issue, but the oldest - Stallone - had 68 years in the last installment (not counting Ford, who didn't do any physical demanding activities), so roughly the same as Harrison in Skull, which is the boundary for me. Ford will be close to 80.

Again, I really want to see Indy V and I will probably like it no matter how good or bad it will be. And I really, really want it to be great. I have high hopes and I believe, that Spielberg and Ford can make it work. I just have some concerns, if I would be able to accept it.

Originally Posted by Face_Palm
The way I see it? People complained that Indy used his whip too much in Indy 4 and never used his revolver. How about for Indy 5 he barely uses his whip and fists and instead uses that revolver more. Hell 95 year old geezers can shoot a pistol.

I would like him to use whip and revolver. And this time actually let him shoot somebody
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