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Originally Posted by Z dweller
I am hoping for flashback scenes with a younger actor playing Indy in the 1920s or early 30s (the Godfather II approach).

I think, that this is the most likely option.

Originally Posted by Z dweller
But I fear Disney will go with the young sidekick solution, which I would absolutely hate, just like I hated the Mutt jungle scenes in KOTCS.
For me, that would hardly feel like an Indiana Jones movie at all.

I don't hate Mutt, but I don't like the fact, that Indy was supporting character in the jungle.

And, if the young sidekick will appear, I fear, that the scenario from jungle sequence will happen again.

Anyway, I just can't wait to feel the excitement again, when first info of the fifth installment will be given. Or when they will show the first photo. I will always remember the day, when Spielberg gave us this image from the set of Skull on which Ford, in iconic Indy's costume, was sitting on the chair...
Or the Valentine's Day back in 2008, when the first trailer was show in the Internet...
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