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Originally Posted by michael
This was awesome. Did you also hear the Raiders March when they came back from a commercial on the Oscars?
Let me tell you, E.T. was really moving...I wondered if it was "canned."

Jaws as the "time-up" music was pretty funny.

I caught Luke and Leia but started to use my DVR to jump between the three hour SNL retrospective to kill the commercials and (selected musical numbers) I ended up missing it completely.

I still haven't deleted it and caught it last thanks for asking!

I was a bit disappointed though, is it so difficulty to hammer out The Raiders March?

Lawrence of Arabia sounded perfect...I don't remember any of the other musical numbers which were "interpreted".

Oh, the comercial leading into The Raiders March was a time check sponsored by TD Bank...FYI: it was at 10:38.

What did you think of it?
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