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Sometimes, this is what I miss about the raven. An in-depth breakdown of film and culture. I took what you said above and went on my own research journey. As a child of the 80s, I'm the exception as I was raised in a conservative Baptist pastors home, here in Southern California. A dichotomy to say the least. At the time my media consumption was pretty censored and reserved, so I have since chosen to you those films outside of the decade and look at them perhaps differently than one who watch them during that decade.

I digress, in my research I came across this fascinating article, which I think support your position mr. Brody

Cynicism and Sarcasm

Barf me out.

Gag me with a spoon.

**** me gently with a chainsaw.

Those teenagers still felt enthusiasm for what truly deserved it and not just *****in' camaros, bodacious bods, and totally tubular tunes. Letting your guard down and sharing your life with friends, and belonging to an active social scene, were still earnest and sincere pursuits. This distinguishes the zeitgeist from one of "kill yr idols."

The tone of youth culture in the '80s, then, was fundamentally one of stabilization letting the air out of the over-inflated, while showing appreciation for what we have taken for granted.
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