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Originally Posted by Joe Brody
Pale Horse, agreed on missing lively in-depth conversations here on the Raven and agreed that there's a real dichotomy in our upbringing. [Jokingly]Hopefully you aren't on the 'honor roll of the Chariot's of Fire.' (Repo Man reference -- which I bring up mainly because I mentioned the film earlier in the thread)

See the picture I posted above. I think you see a slight glimpse of it in the trailer when the female says 'welcome to the rebellion.'

As always I defer to your expertise in this area but I think you may want to check your facts on this one. I think the Unknown Pleasures album was out by the time of Ian Curtis's death. As for JD/NO aversion to merchandise, I don't know anything about that either but I know it didn't apply to tour shirts. In 1986, I recall sitting in Homeroom behind a classmate wearing a New Order tour shirt from their show in Pittsburgh. I totally agree however that the proper SPIELBERGIAN t-shirt for Ready Player One would be a 'Born In the U.S.A.' t-shirt. That's right in the main-stream sweet spot.

Ok - the facts, the 1986 there were Shirts, but New Order didn't approve them or profit from them. They were actually quite pissed when they saw them being sold.

I am sorry, my wires were crossed, it wasn't unknown pleasures, it was Love will tear us apart - that was released after Ian took a long drop on a sort rope. That single is what is considered what put JD into the limelight. Almost all of Joy Divisons fame came after Ian's death and most of their singles were released after his death. Also, remember Joy Division and New Order HATED the idea of releasing singles on their LPs. New Order also hated to play JD songs live as Bernie couldn't touch Ian's voice. This lead to many a violent gig as NO would play very short sets, often with out a popular single, no JD songs, and hated to play any encores. It wasn't until massive debts from their club in Manchester made they record "Regret" to pay off tax bills and debts that they went mainstream. and then the soccer songs..
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