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Originally Posted by qwerty
My father got it as a present from a guy from American ambacy in Belgrade.

I liked it. But I have to confess that right before that wine I tried some home made, waterdown, flavourless wine. And basicly a lot of wines would taste great after that one.
What can I learn about wines from my experience with that one. I know what it tastes like. But only as an amateur. Can you bring me up the speed.

Nope, the best thing you can do is try to lock that into your tasting memory banks, and use that as a point of comparison. That is what an somewhat aged Napa Cab. tastes like from a vintage that is aging in bottle quickly. Now you have to expand on your tastings and use it as a benchmark. it is all about your enjoyment. To really understand wine you have to taste, a lot, both good and bad. Wait until you find a bottle that is the BEST you have ever had, use that as your benchmark, until you find one better. It really is great homework!
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