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I've decided that I really like the SoK advertising campaign. For at least one Indy game, I want to feel like I am Indy, as in calling the shots. It'll take a skilled team of writers to pull off well, though, that's for sure.

Part of my inspiration for this is from when I recently tried to get a friend to play FoA. He got to Tikal and couldn't figure out how to get the kerosene lamp. He eventually declared, "I just want to slug the guy." Hell, if you really are supposed to be Indy, why can't you? I supposed that it should be perfectly acceptable to KO Sternhardt and take the World Stone. Obviously, this messes up the story a little bit, so then at some point later in the game, such as in the desert, he can come after you with a rather unbeatable team and take back the World Stone then, correcting the story. Of course, you could decide to resist and ultimately die, but hey - it was your call.

The dialogue should mostly be chosen by the player, much in the same way it was in FoA. The fighting should play out basically like it did in ET. The vast exploration of levels should be a hybrid of SoK's great environment and more of IM's method of exploring and interacting with the environment. Also, a good inventory system needs to be developed. Pistol & whip are always present. 1-2 over the shoulder weapons. Other items need to fit in his satchel.

You know, I could probably go on and on about this subject and it'll just get more and more rambling because I'm brainstorming as I type. So, suffice to say, I want to have an open-ended Indy game that still has compelling story and characters.
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