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Originally Posted by Dr. Gonzo
I hear some things too from time to time... and this links up with some of the rumblings I've been hearing down the pipeline. I usually wait for anyone else within reason to publicly make a statement before I fully believe it myself. This is very close to the chatter I heard. So I'll go with it. (Unless we were all duped by some JJ ABRAMS style misinformation. )

please don't quote me... still just conjecture
There is a second part of this "rumor" that I'm waiting to see pan out. It could potentially be interesting if handled correctly.

I try and stay as credible as I can here... nobody likes to make themselves seem foolish... but for once I'll just lay it on the line or go out on a dangerous limb (if it turns out untrue I'll hang my head in shame. but some of my friends are pretty close to batting a thousand with their info. I hope they don't make me eat my words)

At first we were hearing it was two spinoff films, one for Han Solo and one for Boba Fett. Lately the talk I'm hearing is much more indicative of: Kasdan wrote a Han Solo/Boba Fett film... as in one film about their conflict.

Like I said if this turns out to be the case then the handling of the film will be the tipping point... all depends on how its executed

please don't quote me... still conjecture

Well post number 9 in this thread from exactly a year ago has seemingly panned out as the real deal... Lucky to have certain "friends" that are really actually "in the know".
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