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Originally Posted by Moedred
More seat-of-the-pants script changes:

Prediction: The heist fails. A new plan is formed to put R2-D2 on the Death Star to download the plans.

Christopher McQuarrie, smart choice:

Originally Posted by CMcQ
"I find this very popular cinematic device of revenge so tiresome, these guys with a score to settle. That's boring. I'm much more interested in somebody who's not at all emotionally invested in doing what he does.

I think those characters are a lot more fun to watch. One of the big things throughout the movie is that you would run into these moments where one characters would insult another character.

In any other movie {The Way of the Gun} the Taye Diggs character would be so angry and so bent on killing Sarno for all the things that he says to him, or desperate for revenge on Parker and Longbaugh for what they do. But that makes him a stupid character. If you lead with your emotions in those situations you're going to get killed.

What I'm interested in is characters who know how to master or control their emotions, because frankly that's common sense."

Too late for him to help cull Kylo Ren down to a more compelling character.
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