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Good point about all that happens in one afternoon. But the whole YIJC does show Henry's growth into the Indy we all know and love. So it's not like his entire personality was formed at once. You don't see the chubby kid becoming a world class adventurer. Indy was already on his way. Part of it had to do with getting thrown off track and being caught up with Poncho Villa. And, I can't blame him for getting a lifelong fear of serpents after being tossed into a giant vat of garter snakes and facing a big rubber hose with plastic fangs. Keep in mind that he traveled so much over the years that he would have encountered many snakes in many locations, too.

Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Now, he fell into fat bearded lady's lap but didn't chase trannies...

Moving on... Finally, in YIJC, Henry Sr. is so world renowned that everyone wants a piece of him, from heads of state to artists to spiritual teachers. His dad was running in a high end circle, so it's not surprising that he met the people he met (if you disregard the skewing of the world history timeline). There aren't that many people at the top of the social ladder. Look at Hollywood. Look at politics. Look at industry. Small circles.

But I will say, yes, a lot did happen in a short amount of time. Never bothered me, though.
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