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Ok, now I'm officially pissed off!

I mean, first non- movie Indy novel in what 10 years and they cancel it.....grrrrr.

Plus MacGregor's my favourite Indy author.

Plus as an Australian Indyfan I certainly draw the short straw in terms of merchandising and spin off stuff and was very very looking forward to this.

Plus Lucasfilm will allow publications of pretty sub-par SW novels, but not what looks to be a far better than decent Indy novel. I sure as hell hope that Luacsfilm have got a pretty good explanation and that we see this thing in one form or the other. Lucasfilm, I've totally got a frying pan with your name on it!!!!!

I can accept KOTCS despite it's problems but I really don't want to accept this loss.

I am the first Australian to have signed the Petition. Number 16!!!
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