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Originally Posted by Sakis
But on second thought, I'm thinking of Indy in a car chase with a dusted 1968 Dodge Charger.... hmmmmm. Alright, snap out of this!
"Indiana Jones and the Dukes of Hazzard"?

Until 2008, "Crusade" had always been my least favourite because it was a retread of "Raiders". I saw it the least in the theatres (only 3 times) and watched it the least on VHS. It wasn't until joining The Raven in 2005 that I discovered how highly it ranked amongst younger fans so I dove into it more with the DVD. The ranking still remained the same.

It's just too goofy. (Ex. the Jones' exchanging glances with the German pilot as his plane passes their car in the tunnel. Awful scene and just as bad as stuff in "Skull". Made me groan in the theatre and still hate it to this day.)

Now, I've watched an insane amount of old adventure movies & serials and can say with certainty that, of the first 3 films, "Crusade" borrows the least from the oldies. Much of it is more of an homage to "Raiders" than anything else. It's a slapstick version of the original with the booby traps at the end instead of the beginning.
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