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Originally Posted by Stoo
"Bullitt" was a '68 Ford Mustang, though. AWESOME car chase. (I did a Segway tour in San Fran a couple of years ago and recognized some of the streets, especially the corner that McQueen slams into and loses a hubcap!)

"Crusade" hit the silver screen when I was a fresh 22-year-old. Maybe I wasn't too pie-eyed & impressionable then as I was when seeing "Raiders" at 14. Indy 3 was an unexpected disappointment and it taught me a lesson (just like "Return of the Jedi" did): Don't get high hopes when it comes to movie sequels.

Bullitt had a 1968 Ford Mustang vs a 1968 Dodge Charger but to be honest I prefer the 1969 model most, in black matte.

I was 14 when I saw Crusade and was my first Indy film in theater. The very first I saw was Temple in tv a year before. Raiders second, during a summer night in an old, small, black&white tv screen that blacked out right before the opening of the Ark. I saw that scene years later. Truth is I never appreciated Raiders because it took me a while to watch it properly. Still, for me the one is the original, the other is the best.
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