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Originally Posted by Temple Raider
It's a minor thing but the tie Indy wears in TLC with the outfit is an odd choice, too. It'd be impractical in either scenario of the first two films.

The tie irked me. Just looked bad.

And the Last Crusade fedora is really bad, in my opinion. It's just too small.

Originally Posted by John Bechet
The outfit looked lived-in in Raiders and Temple. Less so in Crusade maybe because it looked smarter with the tie. By Crystal Skull it really looked like a costume, to my eye too clearly cared for by the wardrobe dept when not being used on camera. The first two movies leave a strong impression that clothes are being sweated in. I don't have that impression of the second two (but a fresh rewatch might correct me).

A re-watch of the later two films won't change your perception much. Definitely feels like a composed costume. I still say all three sequels feel that way, not just the later two.

It feels less like a deliberate, less lived-in costumed during the graveyard and catacomb section in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, though.
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