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The Tree of Life

I know there have been countless discussions about the next artifact, heck I have even started some, but I think I may truly be onto something here and wonder if it merits another thread.

Considering current world events (specifically the middle east and dna cloning) Is it possible the artifact could be the Tree of life mentioned in Gen. 3:22-23? Not only would it fullfill and challenge Biblical prophesy, but it would serve as a symbolic cinematic mark of the beliefs of George and Speilburg. (They are so fond of 'preaching' in their more current endeavors.)

For those who need specifics:

Man had become like God by eating of the tree of knowledge. (Which means can be omnicient)

If we eat of the Tree of life, we will live forever.

Unfortunately there is so much I can spin off this, I have to stop and see if anyone can entertain these concepts in the same way.
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