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Originally Posted by bladerunner13
I wanted to thank both punisher5150 and JuniorJones for their hard work on this.

I've tried to compile a PDF of their work...

I do have one question - were their chapters (as in you posted sections in chapters or were their just dates separating the sections)?

Thanks and enjoy...

No only the dates separated the sections. The numbers were the way I broke the material out to be kind of episodic (and to assist me with the character limitation of the message board).

The chapters are as follows:

March 1943
Someplace in South America

June 12th, 1943
New York

14 June 1943

19 June 1943
La Paz, Bolivia

21 June 1943 • Rio Mamore
120 miles northeast from Trinidad

22 June 1943
In the village of Aymará

An Hour Later
Northwards: Up the River

24th or 25th June 1944
Somewhere in the rainforest

The next morning
One hour before sunrise

El Dorado


BTW PM me if you can. I can save you a lot of time on what you are trying do with a formatted pdf with cover.
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