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Originally Posted by IndyForever
Honestly after seeing Harrison so old & fragile looking in Blade Runner 2049 Indy 5 is not going to be well received unless Spielberg can produce a miracle movie out of nowhere. Father time & 4K UHD cinematography has caught up with Harrison in a really big way these last few years. And I am someone who for many years really wanted Harrison to do 1 final Indiana Jones despite many other people here saying he was too old. Well guess what after the disaster of BR2049 Harrison is way too old its not just his minor part he looked & sounded like the bored Harrison from a few years ago who did not give a **** about the movie just showed up for a paycheck & forever ruined the Deckard character with a weak & uncalled resolution which added nothing but took away from the original movie ending.

KOTCS to me was a great Indy movie not the best nor the worst but pretty good considering how long it took & how many obstacles it faced.

Now Lucas is not directly involved & not bank rolling it either Spielberg has to answer to Disney they are not going to let him have $250m & a free hand at whatever he wants to do so he has to work around the studio system which means Disney get to pick actors, force pathetic PC story choices, reboot family friendly global box office items for teens & families etc etc. John Williams last few Star Wars scores have been really weak as well & Indy movies lean a lot on his usually fantastic score.

Indy 5 has so much going against it right now its going to take an incredible effort to actually produce something even half watchable. The kindest thing is to cancel it rather than proceed with something which will most likely be the last Harrison Ford Indy performance. Because of Spielberg's clout is the main reason Harrison is still Indy its not like Disney actually want him around as a Ford Indy 6 is highly unlikely & we already know he is not going to die onscreen either.

Last Crusade had a fantastic ending. KOTCS had a passable ending.

Indy 5 how is it going to end? Well its impossible it can ever top Last Crusade or Raiders or even Temple Of Doom so that means its most likely going to be a disappointment & leave fans wanting more which is most likely never going to happen with Harrison & Steven.

Let it go Indiana
I thought Blade Runner 2049 was really good way better then the original Harrison was Great In It he was also great In TFA Harrison Is like a fine wine he gets better with age, I am a member of the Message Board most of us over there in the JC forum love Blade Runner 2049 and loved Harrison in that and TFA! he was also really good in Enders Game!
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