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Originally Posted by seasider
Spielberg didn't have free reign with Lucas either. If he did, he would've done the movie based on Frank Darabont's script and not have a movie about aliens and Indy climbing into a fridge. Spielberg has spent his whole career dealing with studio heads and in this case he'll be mainly dealing with his former producing partner, Kathleen Kennedy. I don't see this being a huge problem for Spielberg.

I haven't seen the new Blade Runner yet so I can't speak to Ford's appearance and performance but the Dekkard character was never one Ford was really passionate about. This is not the case with Indiana Jones. Indy is by far among his favorite roles to play. If you watch any video clip of people asking him if he wants to do another Indiana Jones. His face always lights up and he immediately says yes.

Whether we get a good Indiana Jones movie or not in 2020, one thing I'm not worried about is Harrison Ford mailing it in for Indy 5.
I think Its really funny back in the day having my dad go in to work Early he worked for the FDA retired now but he would go Into his FDA Office really early to print the Darabont script, The funny thing being Darabont script leaked on WikiLeaks and my dad printed a WikiLeaks document at his FDA Office Now all that being said Darabonts script was not better then David Koepp's Script I actually thought Darabonts script was really cheesy in a bad way It almost read like a kid wrote it. May be I am missing something. I still have the Darabont script in a binder in my bookshelf In my room. I keep it around just for laughs. and who knows I might never get a chance to print it out again so no way in hell am I getting rid of it.
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