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Originally Posted by IndyForever
Spielberg effectively had an unlimited budget with Lucas as he was paying for everything & Lucas, Spielberg & Ford all took no salary upfront just all the profits on the backend so the budget allowed them to spend $185M on KOTCS which was a massive budget in 2008 even with them paying ILM base cost as Lucas still owned them as well. Disney are different they own the franchise so budgets have to be set & kept to. The last Spielberg directed hit was KOTCS but apart from that his directing track record is very weak since 2008 onwards most of his films are commercial failures as they are mainly vanity projects.

Ford will not phone Indy in but his age, voice, physical appearance & inability to run properly anymore will all be impossible to hide in 4K UHD so unless someone else does all the stunts or they use good body doubles this cannot be the Indy we used to know stunts wise & Indy movies have a lot of stunts.

I hope I am wrong but Indy 5 has so much stacked against it right now I still think better to cancel. I can accept Ford is simply not credible anymore as KOTCS was really straining that aspect & recently Ford has aged a lot onscreen.

You act like none of the other Indy movies are 4K UHD.

Harrison has ran, jumped and punched without any issues his last two films. What films did you see?
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