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A OTR Size 44 Raiders should fit you just as well as the LC jacket does. The LC jacket has half an inch more on the shoulders just so that it droops onto your arms. You can see in your pictures the shoulder seam is drooping off your shoulders. It's just a style look, rather than a fit. The LC jacket has wider armholes which makes the fit different. More room for people with big arms, round arms, but not essential if you don't. The movie jacket was the same, not sure why, but it is. The last crusade jacket has the longest back length, but it doesn't show significantly. different design, different length. I don't know what size I would order for a 44 ToD. The movie jacket was a size 40-42 and had a 26" backlength.

As I'm sure you'll find out there's guess work involved when you factor in your own sizing.
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