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Originally Posted by Lord Excalibur
Indy would maybe have met Selma Lagerlöf during the Nobel Prize. You the writer of Nils Holgersson's wonderful travels (I don't know the title on English). Selma took the Nobel Prize in 1909
Originally Posted by Finn
The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, also known as The Journey of the Little One. Liked this one a lot when I was a kid, my mom used to read it to me.
WOW! These 2 posts are from 2004 and were pretty much a dead-on prediction!

Originally Posted by Junior Jones
Anyway, enjoy the new story and please let me know what you think. I'm always trying to improve, and constructive criticism is welcome.
Finally read the Princeton stories and must say I really enjoyed them! You captured the flavour and tone of the "Chronicles" accurately
which made it natural to visualize the shenanigans of a young, Corey Carrier running around 1905 Princeton. The stories are well executed
imaginings of what-might-have-been with the 2nd part being my favourite of the pair. Your research and familiarity with the series delivers
the necessary, atmospheric detail and the Old Indy bookends were a perfect touch. Any more in store?
Hats off to you, Junior Jones!

Originally Posted by Flannery10
I'm a little surprised, you didn't include any historical figures, but still excellent story!
Well, besides Paul, there was Woodrow Wilson and Grover Cleveland.

Originally Posted by Junior Jones
(Bonus points to anyone who can identify my inspiration for Young Indy's friends.)
Here's my take. (Some images are from Curse of the Jackal, "bon voyage" shots, deleted on DVD):

The bespectacled, Darwood Kaye:

Henry Jr.'s chubby pal, Eugene:

Billie. Paul Robeson's neighbour (who, I suspect, was probably the kid supposed to be Paul, himself.):

George (name inspired by Lucas?):

Carl (inspired by director, Carl Schultz?) who seems to be the the new owner of Henry Jr.'s Dog:


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