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Originally Posted by Junior Jones
Stoo, you are unbelievably AWESOME!!!
(But no, those aren't my specific inspirations for Indy's friends. )

I watched the beginning of My First Adventure and the opening bookends for Curse of the Jackal (thanks to StooTV) for atmosphere, but I didn't pick out individual kids and make characters out of them. But after reading Stoo's analysis and looking at the pictures, I wish I had. I may have to change my story and claim that that's what I had done all along. It's just too perfect! Even better than the truth!
Ha ha! Can I still collect some "bonus points"? One thing to add is that George & Carl should be switched.
Carl should be the blonde kid and George the other. It's more fitting that Henry Jr. passes off his dog, Indiana,
to a black-haired kid named George! Otherwise, yes, those characters resemble yours so closely that I was
sure they were the basis. How uncanny is that?

By the way, Jewel is Jewel Williams, the girl mechanic from the "Princeton, February 1916" episode (a.k.a. the first half of Spring Break Adventure). The rest of the gang is based on (and named after) another gang of kids. So keep guessing.
Ah, yes, the girl mechanic! I never even thought to investigate that episode! Nice one.
Maybe Young Jewel is in the classroom with the rest of the girls? They're all toghether on the left side.
So, Jewel Williams, eh? Sister to future RAF pilot, Colin Williams, perhaps?

As for the gang's inspiration, I'm at a loss. It's not Little Rascals or the Red Hand Gang.
What decade are we talking, here? Or, would that clue give the answer away?

Originally Posted by Flannery10
Great ideas, Stoo. As for the historical persons, I was referring to the second part of the story, because I have read the first part with Indy's sister long before that.
Oh, O.K. Gotcha! Thanks!
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