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Total Film Quotes and Tidbits

Hey everyone

Following on from the pics that I posted on Friday I've provided a few interesting quotes from the article in Total Film.

Nothing really new, but thought I'd post it in here just to be on the safe side!

Frank Marshall on the many drafts of Indy IV:

“There was a script or two George worked on and Frank Darabont did one, but it wasn't really clicking in all the right areas that everyone wanted it to, so we stopped again”

Frank Marshall on Harrison Ford's stunts:

“What was really nice about the new [stunt] technology, was that Harrison got to do more stunts than the last movie. We could save him if he got in trouble, whereas before you'd have to use a stuntman. So we're using some of the new techniques to make the movie better, but in it's own tradition.”

Interview snippet with David Keopp:

TF: Is there a strong sci-fi angle?

Keopp: Well, without saying yes or no, for which I would have my toenails pulled out, I'd say it's true to the movie history of the time it's set in.

TF: Are there giant ants involved?

Keopp: I can neither confirm or deny!

Karen Allen also keeps her cards close to her chest:

“We get thrust into this situation...each of us individually through different circumstances...we're all in a similar predicament...of which I can't tell you much about!”

Ray Winstone on that shot from the trailer:

“There's the shot where the hat's thrown on the floor. Indy picks it up – shadow, no CGI – puts it on his head, turns, and in a big close up goes, “Russians”... And you go, 'This is f****** Indiana Jones!' I knew where I was from that moment on. Fantastic shot.”

Shia LaBeouf on taking up the mantle in future installments:

“No! It's all about what Harrison wants to do. Although I would do any movie with Steven...”

Harisson on Indy V:

“I don't 'hope' [for Indy V]...but I would make myself available...”
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