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Originally Posted by Finn

Though putting the story aside, that game is helluva lot of fun to play.

I concur. It was fun even without the story, but the way the story was told made it more appealing. It was sort of making fun of itself. I especially like the part near the end where you can hear two of the bag-guys talking to each other before they know you're there and one of them is explaining to the other one what "bullet time" is. That's always a good time to put the "bullet time" to use.

Another part I liked was when Max said he felt like he was just a video game character with a life bar in the corner of the screen with someone else controlling him. I hope they do something in the movie like that. Maybe he could say he feels like he's following a script and there are people watching him to see what happens next. I don't know. It seems like whenever a video game-based movie is made, they only expect brainless action-junkies to go see it.
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