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I just joined up with this forum (after lurking for a bit) because I am about to purchase my first leather jacket and would like to pick your brains a little.

I’m not looking for the exact 100% screen accurate in every way jacket, but rather a really nice leather coat that is in the Indiana Jones style.

I’m pretty much settled on going for a Wested and leaning heavily towards a Raiders version. I’m also pretty much settled on wanting it in a distressed skin, but here’s where my questions come in;

What are the reasons that a Last Crusade version might be a better choice over a Raiders style?

What are the ins and outs of choosing distressed Lamb over distressed Cow hide? (I really like the worn/vintage look opposed to new and shiny which is why I want to go with pre-distressed...unless someone can suggest another alternative?)

If I do want to darken the jacket, does pecards work on Lamb? And when people refer to the “Pecards treatment” do they mean the pecard product with the brown tint or just the standard tub?

What exactly is “the shower trick” when it comes to these jackets ( and does it work for any type of skin )?

Thanks for any input you guys can offer.
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