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Unfortunately, while I was able to extract textures, and so I could probably describe how to change them, it would be a horrendous task, since every single texture would have to be extracted by hand, with a hex editor, then merged with a header of another texture so that it could be converted by Jedi Knight II graphics utilities, then edited, then stripped from the header, and then reinserted again by cutting and merging the file that stores the textures... and thenedited back into the one big .GOB file... and that's just for the graphics. As for the sounds, I don't even have an idea. If I did, I would have extracted the PC soundtrack years ago.

Now, if some programmers or experienced x0rs could be persuaded to take on the Machine, this would no doubt be much easier... if someone just figured out the codecs Lucasarts used, the encryption... the internal formats of the Infernal data.

Perhaps the folks from could be pestered to look into it...

Or perhaps the biggest army of Jedi Knight II modders (Infernal Machine uses its expanded engine) could be persuaded:
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