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Originally Posted by TheMutt92
One of my roommates is going to start renting the original POTA films for us to watch, so can someone clarify for me why this may or may not be a prequel/reboot? Cause I hate it when people classify something as a reboot when it could just as easily fit in the same universe as what has come before...
It's probably a "reboot" (hate that term!) but we'll just have to wait & see. The "Apes" storyline has been screwed up since the 1st sequel ("Beneath") so it doesn't really matter if this tale fits or not. After you watch them all, it would be nice if you posted some comments in this thread: Best Planet Of The Apes sequel?
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
This is where the time paradoxes turn the little grey cells to mush!
What turns the mind to mush are the inconsistencies in story details because many elements are contradictory.
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Milo grew up in a time when humans were using apes as servants and generally mistreating them (which may be the experimentation stage handled in the new film). Ther uprising began when he was an adult, and he literally gave voice to it.
Smiffy, you need to watch, "Escape", again. The ORIGINAL revolt began about 400-500 years after the plague-from-outer-space wiped out dogs & cats. The one ape who originally gave "voice" to the uprising was named, Aldo, who was presumably a gorilla. (General Aldo from "Battle" was probably named after him.) As I mentioned before, Caesar's/Baby Milo's timeline is an ALTERNATE chain of events.

The problem is, Cornelius relates that the day Aldo said, "No", is commemorated and fully documented in The Sacred Scrolls. This contradicts the established fact that the general ape public (of the 3900s) had no knowledge of humans previously ruling the earth.
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
This looks like it's going to be a great battle - especially with apes on all fours, which was one of the good points with Burton's attempt. I can imagine this film is going to be rated higher for violence.
Showing apes on all fours was a cool aspect of Burton's film. No doubt this will be more violent but...Have you seen the uncensored version of "Conquest"? It's more violent & less forgiving than the '72 theatrical release.

More concept art:

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