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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Ice Station Zebra is a good one. I picked it up on DVD earlier this year - there was even an overture and intermission. (I've noticed that on a few DVDs of '60s films).

Well-paced thriller with a wonderful sense of Arctic isolation.
It's an O.K. film but I prefer, "Bear Island", by an Arctic mile. (Regarding the overture & intermission for "Zebra", I think it also had exiting music in theatre but am not sure.)

Anyway, the cliffhanger in "Zebra" that I was referring to was the sequence featuring a snow-covered crevasse, with men falling into it while dangling on ropes, threatened to be squished by moving ice drifts. It's a classic, wall-crushing scenario but one that is natural, rather than man-made.

'Twould fit fine in a snow-bound, Indy 5 adventure!

P.S. Great poster, Smiffy!
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